Force Commander Rear Admiral (LH)Fabrizio RUTTERI

Fabrizio RUTTERI

Rear Admiral Fabrizio Rutteri was born in Trieste in 1969, in 1988 he joined the Naval Academy in Livorno and graduated in 1992. From 1993 to
1995 he joined the Flight Training Program in USA, graduating as Military Pilot in 1994 in Corpus Christi and
Helicopter Pilot in 1995 in Pensacola. In 1996 he achieved Combat Readiness on AB 212 ASW/ASUW helicopter.
His major operational assignments have been:
– Commanding Officer of DDG “Durand de la Penne” (2016 – 2017).
– Commanding Officer of FFG “Grecale” (2010-2011).
– Commanding Officer of Patrol Ship “Libra” (2000-2001).
– Executive Officer of Aircraft Carrier “Giuseppe Garibaldi” (2008-2010).
– Flight Commander of Frigate “Artigliere” and “Scirocco”.
– Participation to NATO Operation “Sharp Guard” (1996), fishery protection and migration control missions
in the Adriatic Sea (1997/1998) and in the Sicilian Strait (2000/2001), deployment in southern East Asia
(1997/1998), NATO High Readiness Force-Maritime (2009), maritime security operation off the coasts of
Libya “Mare Sicuro” (2016/2017), training campaign with the Naval Academy 2nd class midshipmen in
eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea (2017).
His major staff assignments have been:
– From 2021, Assistant of the Director of the Italian Navy Personnel Department, Rome.
– From 2020 to 2021, Head of Capability Development Office at the 3rd Department, Plans and Policy, of Italian
Defense Joint Staff, Rome.
– From 2107 to 2020, Head of the Maritime Strategy and International Relations Office, Head of “Government
to Government Programs” Office, Deputy Director of the 3rd Department, Maritime Policy and Plans, at
Italian Navy General Staff, Rome.
– From 2013 to 2016, Plans, Policy and Synchronization Division Head (ACOS N5) at Allied Maritime
Command in Northwood (MARCOM), United Kingdom.
– From 2011 to 2013, Staff Officer at the Office of the Assistant of Chief of Defence (CHOD), Rome.
– From 2005 to 2007, Class Commander at the Italian Navy Academy in Livorno.
– From 2001 to 2005, Staff Officer and Program Officer at 6th Department, Naval Aviation, of the Italian Navy
General Staff in Rome.
RADM Rutteri attended the 10th Joint Staff Senior Course (I.S.S.M.I.) at the Defence High Studies Centre in
Rome. He holds:
– a Master Degree in Maritime and Naval Sciences at the University of Pisa.
– a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences at the University of Roma.
– a Master in International Strategic Military Studies.
– a Master in Leadership, Change Management and Digital Transformation.
– the Title of Law Counsellor of the Armed Forces.
He is awarded with the following decorations:
– Medaglia Mauriziana for long distinguished service.
– Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

– Medal for seniority of service (25 years).
– Medal for seniority in command (10 years).
– Silver medal of long navigation (10 years).
– Silver medal for naval air services (10 years).
– NATO medal for Operation “Sharp Guard” in the Adriatic Sea.
– WEU medal for Operation in the former Yugoslavia.
– National medal for NATO counter piracy operations “Ocean Shield” in the Horn of Africa.
– National medal for Maritime Security Operation “Mare Sicuro”.
– National medal for personnel involved in countering COVID 19 emergency.
– “Almirante Brion” medal of the Venezuelan Navy.
– Medal of Merit of the “Armada Naval Argentina”.
Married with two children, he has a personal fascination for history and enjoys mountain walking and sailing.

Chain of command

Deputy Operation Commander Rear Admiral (LH) Jean J. de MUIZON(FR Navy)
Operation Commander Rear Admiral (UH) Stefano Turchetto(IT Navy)
Chief of Staff Brigadier General ALESSANDRO AMENDOLA(IT AIR FORCE)
Force Commander Rear Admiral (LH) Fabrizio RUTTERI(IT Navy)