Shade Med



The SHADE MED conference is an open forum that represents an example of the European Union’s willingness to effectively approach the Mediterranean security debate. Much more than a mere international gathering, SHADE MED Conference is a unique opportunity to exchange good practices and share information and experiences between the various actors involved in the Mediterranean area.

As in the Mediterranean basin, so in the conference, everybody can express opinions in an open, constructive and multifaceted environment. A dialogue based on freedom and sharing is a symptom of growth and collaboration as fundamental values of the entire EU community.

In the SHADE MED, the Mediterranean and his security and challenges are the core of the whole forum where representatives from different nations and organizations may come together to achieve common goals. The 12th edition of SHADE MED Conference, whose theme will be “Managing common challenges together in the Mediterranean”, will take place in-person on 06th and 07th December 2023. As last year, the event will be co-organized together with the NATO Maritime Command (MARCOM). 

Main Themes

The Mediterranean as cross-roads between continents continues to experience a diverse range of challenges, emanating from within the region and as spill-over from outside. Illicit trafficking of people, arms, drugs and other goods are oftentimes interconnected and take place beyond geographical borders.

Simultaneously, linkages between and roles of non-state and state actors are blurred creating difficulties for finding solutions on pressing issues in this European neighborhood.

Given this dilemma, how can the international community enhance a rules-based order at sea and manage threats to maritime security that affect undersea cables, freedom of navigation and the integrity of the cyber and electro-magnetic domains? How to counter illicit flows from Sahel to the Med? What are necessary approaches and measures to manage implications for the Mediterranean of the return of great-power competition? Which initiatives can be taken to better respond to destabilizing developments in the Mediterranean, including through partnerships?