Shade Med



The SHADE MED conference is a clear example of the EU’s willingness to effectively address the Mediterranean security debate. It is an open forum where everybody can express opinions in an open and constructive manner to demonstrate that freedom of expression and frank and open dialogue are fundamental values of the entire EU community.

SHADE MED is a forum where representatives from different nations and organizations interested in the Mediterranean area can meet to reach common aims. Far more than a simple international meeting, SHADE MED Conference represents a unique opportunity to meet, to exchange good practices and to share information and experiences among many and different actors involved in the Mediterranean area

SHADE MED aims at de-conflicting and where possible coordinating military and civilian resources, Operations and industry practices to achieve the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for all.

The three masts

Jules Verne argued that the ship is the first true vehicle of civilization, because forty kilometers of desert divide men more than five hundred nautical miles.

Any sailing large vessel has a solid and effective structure capable of carrying great loads but needs big masts and strong and effective sails to be able to move and reach the port of destination. For this reason, similarly, SHADE MED is built on three masts: security, values and prosperity. Shared security in the Mediterranean and shared values among the countries bordering are necessary tools for shared prosperity.

The debates on these topics aim to integrate the analysis of the current challenges with new ideas and suggestions to overcome regional rivalries and conflicts, to smooth out the differences in values, history, culture and religion in order to increase any form of cooperation including the economic one.

On the mast of “Shared Security” the sails are moved by the winds of fragmented or fragile states, old and new geopolitical powers competition, foreign fighters and mercenaries, non-state actors, terrorism, organized crime, illicit trafficking, mass migration, post-conflict strategy, institution-building and peace keeping.

On the mast of “Shared Values” the prevailing winds are those coming from different cultures and religions, diverse beliefs and society organization, social exclusion, political systems, access to education, human right, children’s rights, gender issues, natural and cultural heritage, historical legacies and from the complex web of intrinsic interrelations. The prevailing winds on the mast of “shared prosperity” are the struggles over energy resources, promotion of economic co-operation, rate of economic exchanges, territorialisation of the high seas, resilience of economic systems, access to global commons, political stability, youth unemployment, natural resources and commercial traffics.