Shade Med 2021



As part of the European External Action Service global engagement in strategic communication, the second conference on Shared Awareness and De-confliction in the Mediterranean (SHADE MED) held by Operation IRINI will be organized in 2021.

Anticipating the new SHADE MED 2021 conference, we intend to organize open and ample occasion of discussion on the themes related to the principal event structured in webinars or live meetings (where possible), involving international researchers and analysts as well as journalists, academics, scholars, students and simple people interested on the topics. These webinars will be followed by SHADE MED 2021 conference.

The incoming edition of SHADE MED will take place on 7/8  October 2021. This edition will be co-hosted with NATO Allied Maritime Command.

The scientific committee of the 2021 edition of Shade Med consists of:

• Alessia Melcangi ( La Sapienza University of Rome)
• Riccardo Redaelli (Directors of the CRiSSMA, Center of Research on the    Southern System and the Wider Mediterranean of the Catholic University of the S. Heart, Milan)
• Paolo Sellari (Director of the Master in Geopolitics and Global Security, La Sapienza University of Rome)
• Elena Sciso (Research Centre for International and European Organisations – CROIE)
• Matteo Bressan (LUMSA University, Rome)

This year conference tentative theme is “Sharing security, culture and values for a shared prosperity in the Med” with the following general lines.

Abstract: Strictly connected through geographic and historical interests, the Mediterranean countries are united by shared values. From mere neighbours, they should thus become true partners in a common vision for the future of the Mediterranean and beyond.

The Mediterranean countries are aware of the fact that the regional environment will face increasingly complex challenges, but also new opportunities that will decide the future of the Euro-African and Euro-Mediterranean area, in particular in economic and human terms, inclusive and equitable development, innovation and knowledge sharing, environmental protection and sustainable development,  justice, security,  intercultural dialogue, mobility and migration, human rights, good governance and finally health protection. Partnership between the Mediterranean countries is more necessary than ever to respond to these challenges.

The growing convergence of interests and points of view on numerous issues has made the development of appropriate and shared responses to the problems, in line with the UN 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, increasingly possible.





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The opinions expressed in all the events do not represent the policies or points of view of either Operation Eunavformed Irini or European Union