07 Dec 2020

Cross-deck exercise between Greek, German and Italian ships

Last week the Greek Adrias Flagship with the German Frigate Hamburg and the Italian Offshore Patrol Vessel Cigala Fulgosi performed a in cross-deck inter-operability exercises in the Mediterranean Sea.

There activities gave pilots from the three ships the opportunity to land and launch on the different flight decks and are essential for maintaining high standards of technical skills and to provide flexibility in the Area of Operation.

The exercise represents a continued effort of the IRINI Task Force’s assets to operate side-by-side and to support each other when necessary.

It serves to ensure maximum efficiency and inter-operability in any kind of situation, for example during a boarding operation or for logistic transfer of goods.

IRINI is a concrete example of multinational collaboration aimed at implementing in an effective, balance and impartial manner the Arms Embargo on Libya.