25 Jun 2021

Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini welcomed a Libyan delegation at IRINI’s Operational Headquarter

Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini welcomed at #IRINI’s OHQ a Libyan delegation led by the Chief of the Libyan Border Guard and composed by the Chief of the Libyan Coast Guard and representatives from all Libyan boarder security institutions.
The visit is part of a EUBAM Libya (EU Border Assistance Mission) initiative aimed at supporting the Libyan Authorities in the areas of Border Security and fighting against crime phenomena, such as terrorism, human trafficking and smuggling.

The visit to IRINI Operational Headquarter in Rome was a valuable occasion to present IRINI as a tangible instrument of the EU Integrated approach. During the visit the Operation Commander presented a detailed update on the status of the Operation, highlighting the relevance of the results achieved in performing all the tasks of this unique EU maritime Operation.

The briefing provided by Rear Admiral Agostini attracted the attention of the Libyan interlocutors ultimately enhancing their understanding with regard to:
– the role that IRINI is playing as a part of the EU solution to the Libyan crisis;
– the absolute impartial and balanced posture in implementing the UN Security Council Resolutions;
– and the full adherence to the International laws.

Admiral Agostini underlined also the important role of the Capacity building and training activities for a substantial development of the capacities of Libyan Coast Guard and Navy in enhancing their operational effectiveness to perform their functions within their area of responsibility, in line with international standards. A more capable and trustful LCG&N would be beneficial also for the overall maritime security in the Centrale Mediterranean Sea with virtuous consequences on the economy of the entire region.