27 Jul 2021

The Honourable Gianna Gancia, Member of European Parliament, visited Irini’s Headquarters

The Member of European Parliament, Honourable Gianna Gancia, visited Operation Irini’s Headquarters in Rome, on Monday 26th July. This was the first visit of a MEP to the Headquarters of Operation Irini. Honourable Gancia was welcomed by the OpCommander, Rear Admiral Agostini, and his staff, before receiving a briefing on the state of play of the Operation, the results achieved so far and ways ahead. During the presentation, the OpCommander highlighted the importance of the Capacity Building and Training activities for a substantial development of the capacities of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy in enhancing their operational effectiveness to perform their functions within their area of responsibility, in line with international standards. At the end of the visit, Honourable Gancia thanked Rear Admiral Agostini for his commitment, reiterating the full support of the European Union.