29 Nov 2023

HE Nicola Orlando, EU Ambassador to Libya, visited EUNAVFOR MED Operation IRINI’s headquarters in Rome

Ambassador Orlando is a very expert diplomat with a profound understanding of the political dynamics within Libya. His visit to IRINI’s headquarters allowed an important exchange of views between the Head of EU Delegation to Libya and IRINI’s Staff.

IRINI, EU Delegation to Libya and other EU Missions coordinated activities demonstrate the European commitment to stabilize the African country contributing to peace-keeping efforts in the region under the EU Common Security Defense Policy.


Operation IRINI is a military operation established by the European Union to enforce the United Nations arms embargo on Libya. It operates in the Central Mediterranean to prevent the illicit flow of arms and related materials into Libya, thereby promoting stability and supporting the ongoing peace process as part of the wider European Integrated approach toward the country.

Ambassador Orlando and Rear Admiral Stefano Turchetto, IRINI Operation Commander, addressed the multifaceted challenges affecting Libya, the operational lines of efforts of IRINI, and the broader implications for the Mediterranean and North African region.

The meeting with Ambassador Orlando offered the possibility to deepen into the complexities of the Libyan situation, emphasizing the importance of sustained efforts to achieve stability. They discussed the evolving security landscape in Libya, the impact of external influences, and the coordinated international endeavors to facilitate the country’s progress towards peace and development.