EUNAVFOR MED response to COVID-19

EUNAVFOR MED military medical staff is continuously vigilant and monitoring any potential impact for EU troops deployed on operations.


EUNAVFOR MED has already implemented preventive measures within the Operation and the Force Headquarters, based on directives from the World Health Organization, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and Host Nation Government and Military Authorities, to reduce the risk of the further spread of the infection.


Furthermore, EUNAVFOR MED has developed on its on-line training platform a “COVID-19 information course” to enhance the knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim to strengthen the implementation of the behavioral changes needed to contrast the spread of the coronavirus.


The course will allow the operation to establish a smart way to better handle internal training requirements (for OHQ, FHQ and assigned Units). It will be also addressed to train the LCG&N. as soon as possible. Additionally, it could be also made available to other CSDP operations and/or EU entities and organizations.


The IRINI on-line training platform was created and developed with the main intent to mitigate the limitations imposed by the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis with respect to the training activities delivered in favor of the Libyan Coast Guard and Navy (LCG&N).


This tool will enable IRINI in providing the LCG&N personnel with a number of online courses that could be used also in the future (after COVID pandemic crisis) to integrate/complement the traditional training.


The aim is to Be INFORMED, to Be PREPARED, Be SMART and to Be SAFE.